Equipement à bord du RV Belgica

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General characteristics
Overall length 50.90 m
Overall width 10.00 m
Draft min./max. 4.20 m / 4.55 m
Water displacement 1132 t
Year of construction 1984
Home port Zeebrugge, Belgium
Autonomy / distance 5000 miles at 12 knots
Autonomy / time 20 days
Working area N36° - N65°, W010° - E012°
Call sign ORGQ
IMO number 8222563
MMSI number (AIS) 205.218.000
Residential accommodation
Crew 15 people
Scientific staff 12 people; 16 people when accommodation container is used
Two person cabins 13
One person cabin 1
Accommodation container 4 persons
Air conditioning all rooms, all laboratories and the pilothouse
Noise in the rooms maximum 60 dBA
Main diesel engine ABC DZ, 6 cylinder, 1154 kW
Electrical drive 82 kW electric motor for silent operation
Maximum speed 12.5 knots
Nominal speed 10 knots (850 rpm)
Speed during fishing activities 4 knots
Electrical system
Two main generators Caterpilar diesel engine 275 kW; Van kaick alternator 325 kVA, 440V, 60 Hz
Stabilised electrical power Aros Sentry RPS UPS system, 220 V, 50 Hz, 20 kVA
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic system I two main pumps, 500 l/min, 230 bar, two auxiliary pumps, 220 l/min, 230 bar, powers fishing winches, bow and stern propellers, net drum winch
Hydraulic system II two pumps, 133 l/min, 230 bar, powers rear gantry, side gantry and davit, oceanographic winches
Effer crane powered by two pumps, 42 l/min, 60 bar
Navigation equipment
Positioning system Septentrio AsteRxeH RTK receiver with heading option, Furuno GP-150 EGNOS DGPS receiver
Radar DECCA Bridgemaster , model E250, Furuno FAR-2117
Trackplotter Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS
Ship’s heading Anschütz STD 20 gyro compass
Ship’s speed Consilium SAL 860T Doppler log
AIS Furuno FA-100
GMDSS system JRC model JHS32A
Inmarsat – Fleet 77 Furuno Felcom with 128 kbps
VSAT Intellian V110 stabilised antenna with iDirect modem
Deck infrastructures and winches
Hydraulic crane Effer Marine Knuckle type 44.000-3SL/1M
Fishing winches 2 Brusselle winches, max. load 8 tonnes
Rear gantry 5.90 m useful height, 5.00 m width on deck
Net drum winch Brusselle winch, capacity 7 m³ / 5 tonnes
Revolving gantry capacity 1 tonne, 3.0 m useful height, 1.3 m width on deck
Davit capacity 0.5 tonne, max. height 1.8 m
Oceanographic winches single drum: 1000 m of 5 mm RVS cable, double drum: 1700 m of 6.4 mm coaxial cable
Laboratories, activity zones and workstations
Rear working deck 140 m²
Side working deck 20 m²
Wet lab 20 m²
Dry lab space microbiology (12 m²), chemical (10 m²) and biology (12 m²) lab
Fish lab 20 m² with direct access to the rear deck
Computer room 12 m²
Pilot house two zones are reserved for scientific work (17 m²)
Cold store to – 25°C (8 m²), to 0°C (6 m²)
Storage 70 m² at the intermediate deck
Containers two 20 feet containers can be installed on the upper deck (level 1)
Data acquisition and processing system
Data acquisition 200 parameters at 5 Hz, real-time data quality control, HP rx2660 workstation, 64-port RS232 multiplexer
Data storage Informix SQL database
Data presentation real-time data and offline data presentation on Windows computer, near real-time data presentation on website
Scientific equipment on board
Specific equipment Millipore RiOS 8 and Millipore Milli-Q ultra pure water, Memmert low temperature incubator (2x), Alfa Laval MMB 304 S continuous centrifuge, Frierichs meteo station (2x)
CTD equipment Sea-Bird SBE19 CTD (2x), Sea-Bird SBE9plus CTD (2x), Sea-Bird SBE21 thermosalinograph (2x)
Water sampling equipment Sea-Bird model 32 carousel for 12 10 liter Niskin bottles (2x), Various Niskin and Go-Flo water sampling bottles
Sediment sampling boxcorer NIOZ model, Van Veen grab, Reineck corer, Bowers & Connelly multicorer
Sampling biotope Benthic sledge, High speed encased Gulfstream Plankton sampler, 3 m trawl with shrimp net
Fishing gear Various trawls with dedicated nets (property of ILVO)
Depth measuring equipment Kongsberg EM3002D shallow water multibeam echosounder system, , Kongsberg EA400 with 33, 38 and 210 kHz transducer. Auxiliary sensors: Seatex MRU5 motion sensor, Valeport miniSVS sound velocity sensor, Applied Microsystems SVplus sound velocity profiler.
Seawater current Hull mounted Teledyne RDI ADCP model Workhorse Mariner 300 kHzn Teledyne RDI ADCP model, Workhorse sentinel 1200 kHz for deployment on tripod or TRBM (trawl resistant Bottom Mount), Valeport model 106 velocimeter
AUMS Parameters measured by the Autonomous Underway Measurement System: Turbidity, oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, blue algae, CDOM, salinity, pCO2, fluorescence, Par, hyperspectral irradiance, NO3, NH3, PO4, SiO2 and NO2
Tripods Up to three tripods equipped with measuring instruments can be deployed from the RV Belgica. The available instruments are: SonTek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter ADVOcean 5 MHz, SonTek ADP 3 MHz acoustic Doppler profiler, Sea-Bird SBE37 CT system, Campbell Scientific OBS-3+ turbidity sensor, Nortek Aquadopp current profiler, Sequoia Scientific LISST-100X (Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometer), Aquascat 1000 ABS (Acoustic Backscatter System)