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COHERENS is a modelling system designed for a wide range of applications in coastal and shelf seas, estuaries, lakes and reservoirs. COHERENS follows a modular structure based on a numerical hydrodynamical model. It includes side-modules among which generic biological and sediment transport modules.

The development of COHERENS is led by researchers at RBINS in collaboration with worldwide scientists. COHERENS is available to the scientific community as a free and well-documented open source code.

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Model features

COHERENS follows a modular structure and offers a wide range of physical and numerical schemes. It is written in FORTRAN 90 and can be used in parallel mode. Several file-formats, including netCDF, are available.

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Important keywords

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Test cases

Many different test cases have been implemented. They are described in detail in the COHERENS manual.

River test case
A non-rotating channel of uniform depth with open ends. Lateral effects are ignored.

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Recent publications
mentioning COHERENS

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