Combining test cases

Everything related to the preinstalled test cases in COHERENS. Additionally, you can find here the necessary files to setup a test case.If you have developed a new test case and you want to share it with other users, feel free to post a new thread.

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Combining test cases

Post by restu adm » Fri May 03, 2019 8:27 am

I am Restu,
I am an undergraduate student working on a thesis concerning upwelling. coherens is the first modeling software that I use, and I am very new to using modeling software like this, so could someone help me with this?

Because there is no cases of upwelling, i tried to combine the bohai and rhone cases. everything went smoothly until I tried replacing it with my bathymetry. and I get this error message :

Invalid value for integer component %numvar and element 2 of array tsrvars: 61685168
Must be between: 1 and 294
Invalid value for integer component %nrank and element 6 of array tsrvars: 1
Allowed values are: 0 2 3
A total of 2 errors occurred in check_variables
Error type 7 : Invalid initial values for model parameters or arrays

I did not change a lot of settings in it, only those related to my bathymetry and I removed %tlims from the io_metsur input in the usrdef_model owned by rhone. the case can work if I change the variable novarstsr = 10 (bohai's default settings 19). is that alright? Because in usrdef_time_series I use 19 variables as well as variables in usrdef_harmonic_analysis. I also reduced the number of output variables I only needed, but I got a lot of problems because of that.

the plan is to solve this upwelling case by combining bohai and rhone, then continue using the csnsp case method to enter wind, temperature, and salinity data. What am i doing right?


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