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Abstracts of talks and posters

  • ATBC Annual Meeting 12-15 July 2004, Abstract of talk
    • Basset Y, Corbara B & Barrios H (2004) IBISCA : A large-scale study of the vertical and horizontal distributions of arthropods in a Panamanian rainforest word file
  • 55th Congresso Nacional de Botânica, Viçosa Federal University, Brazil- Abstract of talk
    • Vieira A de C & Ribeiro SP (2004) Influência de fatores físicos sobre a escleromorfia foliar word file
  • Deuxièmes Journées de l’Institut français de la biodiversité, Marseille, 25-28 mai 2004, Abstract of poster
    • Corbara B, Basset Y, Barrios H, Aberlenc H-P, Bail J, Cabrera R, Cizek L, Cornejo A, Curletti G, Déjean A, Didham RK, Fagan L, Floren A, Frame D, Gonzalez M, Hallé F, Hernandez A, Herrera J, Jordan K, Kitching R, Leponce M, Manumbor M, Medianero E, Mogia M, Oliveira E, Ødegaard F, Orive J, Perez B, Pinzon S, Ribeiro S, Roisin Y, Roubik D, Samaniego M, Schmidl J, Tishechkin A, Valdez O, Winchester N & Wright SJ (2004) IBISCA: une étude à grande échelle de la biodiversité des arthropodes dans une forêt du Panama pdf file
  • 3rd GBIF Science Symposium, 'Tropical Biodiversity: Science, Data, Conservation', Brussels, 18-19 April 2005, Abstract of two talks
    • Corbara B, Basset Y & Barrios H (2005) IBISCA: a large-scale study of arthropod mega-diversity in a neotropical rainforest. In: Tropical Biodiversity: Science, Data, Conservation. Abstract Volume. 3rd GBIF Science Symposium, 18-19 April 2005, Brussels, Belgium (ed by H. Segers), pp. 31-32. Belgian Clearing-House to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences & Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Brussels.
    • Roisin Y, Dejean A, Corbara B, Orivel J & Leponce M (2005) Arthropod biodiversity in tropical rainforest canopies: Panamanian termites in the framework of the IBISCA project. In: Tropical Biodiversity: Science, Data, Conservation. Abstract Volume. 3rd GBIF Science Symposium, 18-19 April 2005, Brussels, Belgium (ed by H. Segers), p. 32. Belgian Clearing-House to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences & Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Brussels. pdf file


"The Last Biotic Frontier: Towards A Census of Canopy Life". European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop 04-049, 6-8 July 2005, Brussels, Belgium.  3-day workshop related to IBISCA-Panama 2003-2004 attended by 37 scientists from 16 countries.

  • 4th International Canopy Conference, 10-17 July 2005, Leipzig, Germany (one day arthropod symposium).pdf file
  • Joint meeting of the Canadian Entomological Society and the Alberta Entomological Society, Canmore, Alberta, November 2-5, 2005 
    • Winchester, NN (2005) Project IBISCA - Stratification and beta diversity of arthropods in a Panamanian rainforest word file
  • Symposium "Entomology in Belgium", December 2nd, 2005, Brussels, RBINS. Organized by the Royal Belgian Entomological Society
    • Leponce, M.; Basset, Y.; Corbara, B.; Barrios, H.; Roisin, Y. The IBISCA programme: spatio-temporal distribution of arthropods in tropical rainforests. y, p.24pdf file
  • The Annual Meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Kunming, Yunnan, China, 18-21 July 2006
    • Corbara, B. (2006) The IBISCA Project: a new model for comprehensive assessments of tropical forest.pdf file
  • International Union for the Study of Social Insects Congress, Washington, DC, USA, 30 July- 5 Aug. 2006
    • Leponce M, Delabie J, Orivel J, Corbara B, Roisin Y, Delsinne T, Dejean A (2006) Ants and their role in international environmental projects. p.81pdf file
  • VII International seminar on Apterygota, Texel, The Netherlands, 27-30 Aug. 2006
    • Castano-Meneses G, Palacios-Vargas J, Basset Y, Winchester, NN (2006). Spatial variation of the community structure in springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola) from San Lorenzo tropical forest, Panama. pdf file
  • Workshop on ATBI+M field recording techniques and protocols. EDIT WP4 + WP7. El Ventorrillo Field Station, Navacerrada, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain, June 12 -17, 2007
    • Leponce, M. 2007. Standardized collection of data & tracking of specimens in large biodiversity inventories. pdf file
  • Symposium Buffon. Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France, 18-19 october 2007
    • Leponce, M.; Basset, Y.; Corbara, B. 2007. Forest arthropod biodiversity from root tips to treetop. Proceedings of the Symposium.pdf file
  • 2nd EDIT WP7 Workshop - 14-16 March, 2007 Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Germany 
  • Status-Symposium of the DFG Research Unit 816, Loja, Ecuador, September 20th and 21st, 2007.
    • Leponce, M. & Riede, K. 2007.Composition and distribution of biodiversity in forests: the EDIT and IBISCA approaches.

New taxa

  1. Iccius monoceros Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  2. Othryoneus triplehorni Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  3. Lenkous ibisca Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
    Lenkous ibisca
  4. Gonospa similes Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  5. Apsida simulatrix Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  6. Brosimapsida gonospoides Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  7. Epicalla aenipes Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  8. Epicalla elongata Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  9. Strongylium vikenae Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  10. Otocerus delicatus Ferrer & Ødegaard 2005 (Col. Tenebrionidae)
  11. Agrilus odegaardi Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  12. Agrilus incredulus Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  13. Agrilus cizeki Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  14. Agrilus rossanae Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  15. Agrilus baili Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  16. Agrilus faganae Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  17. Agrilus ingae Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  18. Agrilus schmidli Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  19. Agrilus melanocerus Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  20. Agrilus rufuscapite Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  21. Agrilus atlanticus Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  22. Agrilus colonicus Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  23. Agrilus peresoso Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  24. Agrilus bothrops Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  25. Agrilus viridiaeris Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  26. Agrilus unus Curletti 2005 (Col. Buprestidae)
  27. Americanura basseti Palacios-Vargas 2009 (Collembola: Neanuridae).
  28. Americanura castagnorum Palacios-Vargas 2009 (Collembola: Neanuridae).
  29. Agrilus grandinatus Curletti 2010 (Col. Buprestidae)
  30. Azteca diabolica Guerrero, Delabie & Dejean 2010 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
  31. Oronoqua ibisca Gnezdilov, Bonfils, Aberlenc & Basset 2010 (Hemiptera: Issidae)


IBISCA: light green 590x590 pixels ; dark green 590x590 pixels (Design: I. Bachy & M. Leponce, RBINS; forest artwork from STRI archives)