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The FLOAT User Interface has been migrated

Since today the FLOAT UI web site is available on

FLOAT was our flagship drift model between 2007 and 2012 and has proved to be a valuable tool reaping numerous successes at both national and European levels. For instance, it allowed predicting oil spill trajectories and beaching risks, contributing to the identification and prosecution of polluters or helped Police to solve missing person cases whose bodies were found back drifting at sea. The web interface further helped showcasing the model and allowed non-modellers to start and visualise results of 2D simulations on-the-fly.


FLOAT has been superseded by OSERIT in 2012 but is still used and maintained by OD Nature's MFC and SWAP teams.

Please note that the use of FLOAT is restricted to authorised personnel.


FLOAT: Interface to a 2D drift model

FLOAT is a user-friendly interface to a 2D drift model which allows OD Nature staff, Coast Guard Centres and other governmental authorities to quickly estimate the drift of an oil spill at sea.

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The FLOAT User Interface has been migrated.

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