RV Belgica automated data acquisition (ODAS III)

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About ODAS

What is ODAS III?

ODAS stands for Onboard Data Aquisition System. The system collects, processes and stores oceanographic, meteorological, navigation (position, heading and speed of the ship) and other data from various measuring equipment installed on board the RV Belgica. These measurements are transmitted every 10 minutes to the OD Nature Measurement Services Ostend (MSO) via a satellite link, where they are added to the ODAS database.

Which data is displayed on the visualisation tool?

The data displayed on this visualisation tool is only a subset of the full data available since 2004. The following policies have been applied to the data in this visualisation tool:

  • Data points are displayed only for every 10 minutes, despite availability of data with higher frequency.
  • The full details of data points are shown in the table view. On the map view approximately one obeservation point per hour is consultable.
  • If a data point has position information flagged unreliable, no measurements associated to that position are displayed, resulting in a gap in the time series.
  • If there are multiple sensors measuring the same parameter, an attempt has been made to choose automatically the most reliable one.
  • If a specific parameter has a non-zero quality flag, it is omitted from the results displayed.
  • Some values have been automatically calculated on the basis of other measured values.

Why does the number of the parameters vary?

The number and the quality of the working sensors on-board the RV Belgica has varied throughout its history, gradually increasing throughout the years. Since the installation of the Automatic Underway Measurement System (AUMS) in 2012, the number of the available parameters was increased and the resolution and reliability of many parameters measured was improved. MSO archives the entire history of automatic measurements since 1984. This visualisation tool displays for each point only those values which have no quality errors detected by the automatic checking routines.

Data policy

OD Nature provides the online ODAS III data 'as is' for informational purposes only. The automatically collected data released on this site in near real-time has not been subjected to human quality control and is as such not suitable for use as reference material of any kind. Requests for thoroughly controlled reference data can be made at the Belgian Marine Data Centre. The verified reference data can be requested for all the parameters available, at the best resolution available, including also measurements with quality problems accompanied by the appropriate quality flags. Exact information on how a specific parameter was measured using which equipment at a specific time is normally also available.