meterological forcing

Everything related to the preinstalled test cases in COHERENS. Additionally, you can find here the necessary files to setup a test case.If you have developed a new test case and you want to share it with other users, feel free to post a new thread.

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meterological forcing

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Hi everybody,
I am new to coherens and this forum, I hope to get much useful information here.
I could install coherens V2.11 and define my gride and tidal constituents, Now I am going to define meteorological forcing from ECMWf database. I know coherens can read Net CDF format, too. I did not see any example to read this format in the test cases.
I would be grateful if you could help me to do it. if someone did it, please put your code in the forum. I really need it immediately. Please help :|
Kind Regards,
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Re: meterological forcing

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Hi Sara, did you do a double posting? I'm confused :-) I replied to the other topic and try to delete this one if you agree it's a double posting?

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Re: meterological forcing

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gracias por el aporte amigos
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