how to arrange the tidal constituents file

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how to arrange the tidal constituents file

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Dear all,
I could download the coherens and compile it, Now I am trying to define tidal constituents in the open boundaries,
My domain has 3 boundaries ( south, east, west), I extracted the tidal constituents with otps. but I don't know about the arrangement of this file for coherens. I arranged the tidal constituents file this way, west, east, south. Is it correct arrangement? could you please explain me coherens how to read this file? Is it important the order of the boundaries in this file for the model?
Thank you in advance
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Re: how to arrange the tidal constituents file

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Dear Hani,
In COHERENS you can arrange the tidal constituents any way you like, that is one of the big benefits. The disadvantage is the you have to be able to program. Sometimes it is easier to rearrange you input data then to figure out how to read it. In that case, have a look at the bohai test case to see how the tides are arranged there.

A tip: if you go to the test cases ( and you click on tides, all the test cases that include tides will appear. My favorite test-case is bohai.

Please let me know if you need more assistance,
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