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Hello from the moderator of "Basic Hydrodynamics settings"

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Hello Everyone ,

I am Saheed. I will be very happy to help you to set up the basic hydrodynamic models, using the model COHERENS. I have been working with the model COHERENS for the last six years, since I got the training in the model by Dr.P.Luyten in 2010, for the first time. I visited MUMM-RBINS, Brussles, in 2010 and also in 2012, and did research by using the model COHERENS under the guidance of Dr.P.Luyten and Dr.Katrijn.

I have setup hydrodynamic models for many domains like, Arabian Sea, Shelf regions of Eastern Arabian Sea, Gulf of Khambhat, Red Sea, Bay of Bengal, shelf regions of Western Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, using COHERENS.

Now let's start the discussion !
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