Marine spatial plan

In March 2014, a Royal Decree, drawing up a marine spatial plan, establishing the spatial use of the Belgian part of the North Sea for the period 2014-2020, was published. The Belgian Minister for the North Sea took the initiative for this plan. A brochure, set up by his administration, the Belgian Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, summarizes the marine spatial plan and is available online in:

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In order to make the geographical information in the Royal Decree accessible for a broad community of potential users, a collaboration between the Geocell of OD Nature (Operational Directorate Natural Environment, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences) and the Marine Environment Unit of the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment has been started, with as final purpose to publish validated, fully qualified, geographical layers through

Geocell has digitized the management zones defined in the Royal Decree and converted them into geometric shapes (shapefiles and kmz files).

The first priority was to make the management areas as described in the Royal Decree available, like the "Zone for the production of electricity generated by water, current and wind (i.e. renewable energy)", but the locations of related objects, like the boundaries of domain concessions of the windfarms or the positions of the windturbines are considered likewise highly relevant. Therefore related spatial objects will also be identified and made available on this website.

Caution: the maps, visualizing the spatial destination of the zones within the Belgian sea areas, have to be read jointly with the articles of the Royal Decree. These articles determine the rules that have to be respected within these zones.

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