IBISCA-Panama 2003–2004


The aim of the project is to study the vertical stratification and beta diversity of arthropods in a rainforest in Panama, using the state-of-the art methods of canopy access and sampling, namely canopy fogging (pyrethrum knockdown), canopy crane, single rope techniques and canopy raft and peripherals. These different techniques complement each other for the entomological study of the rainforest canopy, and this project represents the first attempt to combine them in a large-scale study. These methods provided spatial replication during a field study of 6 weeks in 2003, whilst seasonal replication is being controlled for at the crane sites during the year 2004. Twenty three professional entomologists are seconded by many colleagues for the taxonomic study of the material. Each participating entomologist is responsible for a particular sampling protocol (15 different collecting methods in total) and studies 1-2 focal taxa (total in the order of 60 focal taxa studied).

Patron and scientific directors

Patron of IBISCA : Prof. E.O. Wilson, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

Corbara, Wilson, Basset
Bruno Corbara, Edward O Wilson, Yves Basset (photo: R. Kitching)
Hector Barrios, Gilles Ebersolt, Dany Cleyet-Marrel
Hector Barrios, Gilles Ebersolt, Dany Cleyet-Marrel (photo: H.P. Aberlenc)

Scientific directors

Yves Basset (STRI), Bruno Corbara (Université Blaise-Pascal), Héctor Barrios (Universidade de Panamà)

Initiative and sponsors

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Logo pronatura océan vert

LOGO_SOLVAY_new logo unep Global Canopy Programme

Initiative: Pro-Natura International, Université Blaise Pascal (France), Universidad de Panamà, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI).

Main funding: SolVin/Solvay, STRI, Global Canopy Programme, UNEP, Mary V. Walcott Endowment Trust.

Technical assistance: Océan Vert, "Les ACCRO-branchés"


IBISCA participants to the May 2004 seasonal replication, Barro Colorado Island.


First phase (2003)

22 September to 31 October 2003 , San Lorenzo Forest , Panama

Second phase (2004)

February, May & October 2004, San Lorenzo Forest , Panama

Third phase (2005)

6-8 July 2005: European Science Foundation-IBISCA workshop, Brussels, Belgium

10-17 July 2005: 4th International Canopy Conference, Lepizig, Germany

24-28 July 2005: Annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Uberlandia, Brazil

Fourth phase (2006-)

data processing and analysis

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