The freshwater data publication efforts of this project will focus on:

  • freshwater research data generated by Belgian researchers
  • species occurrence data and supporting environmental data
  • long series of homogeneous data
  • microbial biodiversity data
  • data from both project partners and external data holders

Key project activities include:

  • documenting existing datasets
  • improving data discoverability by linking dataset info to a freshwater specific multilingual thesaurus
  • standardising datasets and publishing them on-line along with descriptive (meta)data papers
  • preforming synthetic analyses at various scales
  • ensuring the sustainability of freshwater data management and data publication
  • exploring future data mobilisation, digitisation and recovery activities
  • sharing lessons learned through exchanges during workshops and a project white paper

We plan to organise a series of workshops on the following topics:

  • information session on data publication for data holders
  • microbial ecology data management
  • establishing and improving freshwater thesauri and ontologies
  • final conference for a broad audience during which we plan to present lessons learned, test case results and motivate participants to publish their data