Research programmes

Research programs are developed around the following topics : routes and strategies of migration, population trends, problematic of invasive bird species, long-term monitoring of fragile species, epidemiological surveillance in wild birds.

red-breasted goose

Siberian red-breasted geese and peregrine falcons

We have observed a surprising relationship between the Siberian falcons and red-breasted geese

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peregrine falcon

Falcons for everyone

Follow the life of peregrine falcons in Brussels through our blog and camara feed...

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captured swans

The odyssey of the Bewick Swan

Another route to Greece...

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bird image

More research programmes to be added soon!

We will be adding more information about other research programmes we are active in in the very near future.

captured migration phenology

Migration phenology

Wild birds ringing makes it possible to observe the migration phenology and to study its evolution according to parameters such as the evolution of the climate

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