Harmonic tides predictor for Ostend

A table of high and low harmonic tides and harmonic elevation time series for dates ranging from 1 January 1980 to 31 December 2030.

Please, use format YYYY-MM-DD - Example: 20 May 1995 is 1995-05-20

These computations are obtained using the harmonic constants method. In this method, sea surface elevation in one particular point is computed as the sum of a series of periodic functions, of which the period, amplitude and phase are deducted from the analysis of long term in situ observations at this particular point. Meteorological effects and the potential impact of global warming on the sea level are to be taken into account.

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Approximate time of high water at... Approximate time of low water at...
Dover 1h 15min Before Ostend high water Dover 0h 40min Before Ostend low water
Boulogne 1h 11min Before Ostend high water Boulogne 0h 43min Before Ostend low water
Calais 0h 42min Before Ostend high water Calais 0h 19min Before Ostend low water
Gravelines 0h 31min Before Ostend high water Gravelines 0h 19min Before Ostend low water
Duinkerken 0h 21min Before Ostend high water Duinkerken 0h 09min Before Ostend low water
Westhinder 0h 11min Before Ostend high water Westhinder 0h 22min Before Ostend low water
Nieuwpoort 0h 12min Before Ostend high water Nieuwpoort 0h 02min Before Ostend low water
Boei A1 0h 07min After Ostend high water Boei A1 0h 07min Before Ostend low water
Blankenberge 0h 14min After Ostend high water Blankenberge 0h 06min Before Ostend low water
Zeebrugge 0h 19min After Ostend high water Zeebrugge 0h 08min After Ostend low water
Vlissingen 0h 55min After Ostend high water Vlissingen 0h 30min After Ostend low water
Hoek van Holland 1h 32min (*) After Ostend high water Hoek van Holland 0h 17min (*) After Ostend low water
IJmuiden 2h 37min (*) After Ostend high water IJmuiden 3h 44min (*) After Ostend low water
Rotterdam 2h 48min (*) After Ostend high water Rotterdam 1h 46min (*) After Ostend low water
Antwerpen 2h 39min After Ostend high water Antwerpen 2h 49min After Ostend low water
Terneuzen 1h 14min After Ostend high water Terneuzen 0h 56min After Ostend low water
Hansweert 1h 51min After Ostend high water Hansweert 1h 23min After Ostend low water
Zandvliet 2h 17min After Ostend high water Zandvliet 2h 09min After Ostend low water
Kruisschans 2h 25min After Ostend high water Kruisschans 2h 28min After Ostend low water
Hemiksem 3h 14min After Ostend high water Hemiksem 3h 16min After Ostend low water
Zeesluis Wintam 3h 18min After Ostend high water Zeesluis Wintam 3h 23min After Ostend low water
Temse 3h 29min After Ostend high water Temse 3h 46min After Ostend low water
Dendermonde 4h 26min After Ostend high water Dendermonde 5h 10min After Ostend low water
Schoonaarde 4h 59min After Ostend high water Schoonaarde 5h 56min After Ostend low water
Wetteren 5h 38min After Ostend high water Wetteren 6h 51min After Ostend low water
Melle 6h 09min After Ostend high water Melle 7h 27min After Ostend low water
Boom 3h 31min After Ostend high water Boom 3h 47min After Ostend low water
Lier 4h 29min After Ostend high water Lier 6h 14min After Ostend low water
Mechelen 3h 58min After Ostend high water Mechelen 5h 00min After Ostend low water
Hamme 3h 43min After Ostend high water Hamme 4h 24min After Ostend low water
Waasmunster 3h 46min After Ostend high water Waasmunster 6h 21min After Ostend low water

(*) Inferred from data provided by Rijkswaterstaat-Nederland

Adapted from source: Getijtafels 2015 TAW - Vlaamse Hydrografie

These results are made available only for information and without any warranty, even without the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. They do not replace the official tide tables which for the Belgian harbours are published on a yearly basis by the Vlaamse Hydrografie.

5–day forecasts in which meteorological effects are taken into account are available on this web site.