The use of organism names is ubiquitous in a wide range of scientific, environmental management and policy domains. Specialist taxonomic databases and tools to query these data are therefore essential for ensuring the quality of biological data from collection and generation to data management.

AquaRES is a collaboration between three major Global Species Directories:

The main goal of AquaRES is to ensure and enhance the quality, interoperability and public availability of these aquatic species databases by:

  • Building a common understanding of the data and structure of the databases and exchange expertise
  • Setting up exchange web services and rationalizing data management of predominantly marine/freshwater taxa by selecting one master database
  • Consulting taxonomic specialists for improving the data and advise on the tools and exchange process

Planned developments include:

  • Tools for improving taxonomic data (eg. data import and quality control, facilitating entry of associated distribution information)
  • Tools for validating species distribution data (eg. data quality control, improving web services, tool for visual checking of occurrence data)
  • Improving data exchange with international initiatives (using previously developed web services)

Download the AquaRES Technical specification document