Ship Specifications and Equipment

Overall length

Length between perpendiculars

71.40 m

68.73 m


Depth to main deck

16.80 m

5.80 m

Design draft

4.8 m

Water displacement

Gross tonnage

Net tonnage

3870 T



Year of construction



Freire Shipyard

Home port

Zeebrugge, Belgium

Autonomy / fuel

Fuel Consumption:

Transit at 4 kn: 2.7 T/day

Transit at 8 kn: 4.7 T/day

Transit at 11 kn: 7.8 T/day

Autonomy / time

30-day autonomy

300 days/year at sea

Tank capacities

Fuel oil 273.3 m³

Ballast Water 615.0 m³

Potable Fresh Water 53.7 m³

Roll stabilization system

Hoppe Marine

Green ship

Waste-heat recovery


Energy efficient & low emission

Working area

North Sea, Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

Ice class (DNV ICE-1C) for summer operations in arctic areas

Call sign


IMO number


MMSI number (AIS)





Main diesel Gensets

2 x ABC 8DZC 1768 kW + Marelli Motor MJRM 560 LA6 - 1980 kVA- 690V-50Hz

1x ABC 6DZC 1326 kW + Marelli Motor MJRM 500 LA6 - 1480 kVA- 690V-50Hz

Harbor/Emergency Generator

1 x Mitsubishi S6R2-MPTA

Main Propulsion

2 x INDAR 1200 kW

Main Propellers

2x Kongsberg Fixed Pitch propellers diameter 3300 mm, 5 propeller blades

Bow Tunnel Thrusters

2x Kongsberg TT2000 Fixed Pitch Propeller, diameter 2000 mm, 4 propeller blades, 730 kW

Stern Tunnel Thrusters

2x Kongsberg TT1300 Controllable Pitch Propeller, diameter 1300 mm, 4 propeller blades, 535 kW


2x Kongsberg CMP 2050x3300

Maximum speed

13+ knots

Nominal speed

11 knots


14 persons (single cabins)

Scientists & marine technicians

24 persons (2 single cabins, 11 double cabins)

Indoor climate

Climate regulations in all areas comply with DNV’s Comfort Class criteria COMF(C-2) for indoor climate on board cargo ships.

Noise in the accommodation rooms

All complying with DNV’s Comfort Class criteria to noise and vibration COMF(V-2) and IMO MSC. 337 (91)

Three Main Gensets


ABC + Marelli:

2 x 1980 kVA- 690V-50Hz

1 x 1480 kVA- 690V-50Hz

Stabilised electrical power

Riello UPS system, 220 V, 50 Hz, 4 x 60 kVA

Stern Unit

Two pumps, 190 l/min, 360 bar (per pump). Powers Stern A-frame (FR01), Stern Crane (CR01), Stern Capstans and Stern Hatches.

Mid Vessel Unit

Two pumps, 135 l/min, 320 bar (per pump). Powers T-frames (FR02, FR03), CTD Boom (FR04), Piston Corer LARS, Starboard crane (CR02) and Starboard Hatches.

Bow Unit

1 pump, 100 l/min, 320 bar. Powers Bow Crane (CR03) and Foldable Mast.

Drop Keel Unit

1 pump, 20 l/min. Powers Drop Keel Cylinders.

Positioning Systems

2 x Saab R5 Supreme NAV MkII DGNSS (Navigation)

2 x Veripos LD5 (DP System)

1 x Seapath 380-R3 INS (RTK GNSS receiver and IMU) with 3710 and UHF receiver (Scientific)


Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT Radar, X-Band (25kW) and S-Band (30kW)

Chart Plotter

Sperry Marine VisionMaster FR ECDIS


Sperry Marine NAVIGAT 200 (Gyro Compass)

Hansa V (Magnetic Compass)


Skipper DL2 (Doppler Speed log)

Skipper EML224 (Electromagnetic Speed log)


Skipper ESN200, 50/200 kHz (Navigational Echo Sounder)


Saab R5 Supreme AIS


Sperry Marine NAVIPILOT 4000

DP System

Thrustmaster Icon DP2

GMDSS system

Sailor 6334C GMDSS Console


Sailor 6222 VHF


Intellian v130NX (backup: Iridium certus)

Forward Crane (CR03)

Heila HLRM 50/6S, charge lifting: max 1.5 ton/16,87 m/ 1,6 m SWH

Mid Crane (CR02)

Heila HR 120/16-2BJ, charge lifting: max 4 ton/16 m/ 2,5 m SWH

Aft Crane (CR01)

Heila HLRM 230/4SL, charge lifting: max 8 ton/17.4 m/ 2,5 m SWH

Stern A-frame (FR01)

Stern A-frame for launch and recovery of oceanographic equipment, manufactured by IBERCISA:

External Dimensions: 11,63 m total height, 8,25 m total width

Internal Dimensions: 11,10 m total height, 6,18 m total width

Range: 81° operational range, 57° stowing range

± 6 m inside outreach, ± 5,8 m outside outreach

SWL (main block): 10 T (SS4-low)

MBL (main block): 30 T (top out)


T-frames (FR02+FR03):


Articulated T-frames for launch and recovery of oceanographic equipment, manufactured by IBERCISA:

Dimensions: 7x 2.1x 5.5 m (l,w,h)

Range (outreach): 2.7 m

SWL (Main Padeye): 3 T (SS4-low)

MBL (Main Padeye): 15 T (top out)

FR04 Telescopic CTD Boom (FR04)

Telescopic CTD Boom for launch and recovery of oceanographic equipment, manufactured by IBERCISA:

Dimensions: 5.1x1.1x1.1 m (l,w,h)

Range (outreach): 2.9 m

SWL (Main Padeye): 1.7 T (SS4-low)

MBL (Main Padeye): 4.9 T (top out)

Net Sounder Davit

Operates with Net sounder Winch (W06)

SWL: 4.2T towing, 2T vertical sampling

Piston Corer Lars

Deployment and recovery of Osil Piston Corer (up to 15 m)

CTD Winches (W01-W02)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 5000 m of 8.18 mm Coaxial cable with Galvanized Steel Wire armor.

Max payload: 700 kg at 5000 m water depth.

Multifunctional Winch (W03)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 5000 m of 12.0 mm Galvanized Steel Wire.

Max payload: 1500 kg at 5000 m water depth.

Hydrographic Winch (W04)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 5000 m of 13.72 mm Electro-Optic cable with Galvanized Steel Wire armor.

Max payload: 940 kg at 5000 m water depth.

Net Drum Winches (W05-W09)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Lower Net Drum Winch (W05):

Dimensions: 2.4 m x 2.5 m

Volume: 10.8 m³

Max. pull: 40.3T (first layer)

Upper Net Drum Winch (W09):

Split Drum

Dimensions: 2 x 1.7 m x 2.5 m

Volume: 2 x 8 m³

Max pull: 30.2T (first layer)

Net Sounder Winch (W06)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 5000 m of 11 mm Coaxial cable with Galvanized Steel Wire armor.

Max payload: 1200 kg at 5000 m water depth.

Trawling Winches (W07-W08)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 5000 m of 26 mm Galvanized Steel Wire.

Max pull: 40.2 T (first layer).

Gilson Winches (W10-W11)

Manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 200 m of 22 mm HMPE rope.

SWL: 10 T

Auxiliary Winches (A-frame) (W12-W13)

Hydraulic Auxiliary Winches manufactured by IBERCISA:

Wire: 30 m of 10 mm Galvanized Steel Wire.

SWL: 1.5 T (first layer) (SS6-High).

Work Boat/Fast Rescue Boat

Length: 7 m

Capacity: 8 persons

Max. Load: 890 kg.

Propulsion: D3 220 Volvo Penta SOLAS approved engine with Hamilton waterjet propulsion.

Self-Righting System

Navigation and Communication:

Fixed mount VHF


Chart Plotter

Aft Working deck

218 m²

5 x 20’ containers

90 cm bolting matrix

Starboard Working Deck

34 m²

75 cm bolting matrix

Access to moon pool (80 x 80 cm)

Science Hangar

79 m²

2 x 20’ containers

75 cm bolting matrix

CTD Hangar

23 m²


Forward Deck

83 m²

2 x 20’ containers

UAV landing pad

Foldable mast with weather station and space for ad hoc instruments

Wet Laboratory

46 m²

direct access to SB working deck, CTD Hangar, Science Hangar, Dry laboratories 1 and 2

Dry Laboratories

Laboratory 1 (43 m²),

Laboratory 2 (19 m²)

Clean Laboratory (Laboratory 3)

33 m²


4-25°C T-range

Fish Laboratories

Wet Fish Laboratory (75 m²),

access via Receiving Bin and direct access to Cold Stores and fish dry laboratory

Direct overboard discard

2+1 conveyor

2 sorting/sampling tables

Dry Fish Laboratory (20 m²)

4-25°C T-range

Other Laboratories

AUMS Laboratory

Autonomous Underway Measurement System

SubCtech Ocean Pack system - ICOS Ocean Station

2 Scientific Seawater circuits

Aerosol Laboratory (9 m²)

Cable lead trough and air ducts to forward mast

Operational Center

63 m²

4-8 operating stations (Via scientific KVM)

CCTV and SU90 control stations

View on working decks

Scientific Laboratory

52 m²

Conference and Classroom layout (Max. 28 seats)

IT room

24 m²

12 racks

Kongsberg Signal distribution


Including workstation for Chief Scientist.

Cold stores

Refrigeration room (15 m²), Freezer Room (15 m²)

Scientific store

60 m²   Including storage for scientific gasses


Diver’s Store (9 m²),

With compressed air and Nitrox filling station

Crow’s Nest (8 m²),

Seismic Store (9 m²).

Data acquisition

Kongsberg MDM500; 400+ parameters at 1 Hz, 20 parameters at 5 Hz, real-time data quality control.

Data storage

SQL server

Data presentation

Grafana web application

Hydro-Acoustic Equipment

Hull mounted:

Kongsberg EM304 Deep Water Multibeam Echosounder (8000 m)

TOPAS PS18 Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler (11000 m)

Kongsberg SU90 Omnidirectional Sonar (4500 m)

Teledyne RD Instruments Ocean Surveyor, 75 kHz ADCP (1000 m)

Kongsberg HiPAP 502 High Precision Hydro-Acoustic Position Reference System (5000 m)

Drop Keel

Kongsberg EM2040-04 Dual RX, Single Swath Shallow Water Multibeam Echosounder (600 m)

Kongsberg EK80 Scientific Split Beam Echosounder (> 5000 m)

Kongsberg ME70 Scientific Multibeam Echosounder

Simrad PX- and FX80 Trawl Monitoring System

Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse Mariner, 600 kHz ADCP (50 m)

Hull and Drop Keel

Kongsberg Noise Monitoring System

Auxiliary Sensors

Seapath 380-R3 Position, Speed, Motion, Time and Heading System

Valeport Sound Velocity Sensors:

MiniSVS (3x) (2 x Drop Keel, 1 x Hull mounted),


Scientific Networks

KVM System: Visualization and control of scientific systems in scientific areas.

Signal Distribution Box + Signal Remote boxes: Distribution of PPS, Position, Water Depth, etc. in scientific areas.

Scientific Network: Storage, backup and distribution of scientific data.

CTD equipment

Sea-Bird SBE19 CTD (2x),

Sea-Bird SBE9plus CTD (2x),

Sea-Bird SBE21 thermosalinograph + SBE38 remote T-sensor (2x)

Water sampling equipment

Sea-Bird model 32 carousel for 12 10 liter Niskin bottles (2x),

Sea-Bird model 32 carousel for 24 10 liter Niskin bottles (2x),

Various Niskin and Go-Flo water sampling bottles


Parameters measured by the Autonomous Underway Measurement System: turbidity, oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, blue algae, CDOM, salinity, pCO2, fluorescence, Par, hyperspectral irradiance, NO3, NH3, PO4, SiO2 and NO2

Weather Station

Campbell Scientific Weather station installed on foldable mast.

Sediment sampling

boxcorer NIOZ model,

Van Veen grab,

Reineck corer,

Bowers & Connelly multicorer,

OSIL Piston Corer 15 m (including LARS system).

Sampling biotope

Benthic sledge, High speed encased Gulfstream Plankton sampler, 3 m trawl with shrimp net

Laboratory equipment

Millipore RiOS 8 (2x),

Millipore Milli-Q IQ 7000 (2x),

Memmert low temperature incubator (2x),

Memmert Drying/Sterilizing oven (3x),

Escp Fume Extractor Cabinet (3),

Esco Laminar Flow Cabinet (3x),

Asecos Solvent Cabinet,

Asecos Cabinet for Acids,

Liquid Nitrogen Generator (+Storage tank),

Thermo Scientific Centrifuge,

Tritec Refrigerator (600 l),

Liebherr Freezer (600 l, -20°C),

Thermo Scientific Ultra Low Freezer (500 l, -80°C),

Ice machine,

Miele Laboratory Dishwasher,

Big Fin Scientific Fish boards (2x),

Marel Marine Scales (3x).

Diving Air Compressor

Bauer High Pressure Breathing Air compressor + Nitrox

Embarkable equipment


Up to three tripods equipped with measuring instruments can be deployed from the R/V Belgica. The available instruments are: SonTek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter ADVOcean 5 MHz, Sea-Bird SBE37 CT system, turbidity sensors (Seapoint, Campbell Scientific OBS-3+ and OBS-5+), Nortek Aquadopp current profilers (2MHz and 1 MHz), Sequoia Scientific LISST-100X and 200X (Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometer), Aquascat 1000 ABS (Acoustic Backscatter System)

Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse sentinel ADCP 1200 kHz with TRBM-frame

Adapted to large exchangeable European Marine Research Instruments:

ROVs (Victor 6000, Ariane, Holland 1, Quest, Kiel 6000, Phoco, Genesis)
AUVs (Aster X & Idef X, Abyss, Autosub, Seal, Hugin)
Corers (Mebo70 Drill Rig, BGS 6m vibrocorer, BGS RD2 Rock Drill)
Seismic Systems (Sysif, Sis2, P-Cable system)

Adapted to Bottom trawling (8m beam trawl) and Pelagic trawls (otter trawling Ifremer)