Seabed habitats

Research projects:

Year Title and information link Funding
2001 Intensive evaluation of the evolution of a protected benthic habitat, → more BELSPO/Flemish Authorities
2003 Evaluation of the ecological value of the foreshore: habitat-model and macrobenthic side-scan sonar interpretation: extension along the Belgian Coastal Zone, → more Flemish Authorities
2004 The Hinder banks: yet an important region for the Belgian marine biodiversity?, → more BELSPO
2006 Study of Post-extraction ecological effects in the Kwintebank sand dredging area, → more BELSPO
2006 Cluster Sustainable management of the North Sea, → more Science and sustainable management of the North Sea: Belgian case studies, → more BELSPO
2006 A biological valuation map for the Belgian Continental Shelf, → more BELSPO
2009 Studie betreffende het opstellen van een lijst met potentiële Habitatrichtlijngebieden in het Belgische deel van de Noordzee. Eindrapport, → more FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
2010 Development of a framework for Mapping European Seabed Habitats, → more EU-Interreg-IIIB
2010 Monitoring the effects of sand extraction on the benthos of the Belgian part of the North Sea, → more Private revenues
2011 Ecosystem sensitivity to invasive species, → more Habitat characterization of shell fish beds BELSPO
2011 EUSeaMap. Broad-scale modelled seabed habitats. Input of seabed substrate map produced within EMODnet-Geology, → more EU-DG MARE
2013 Pan-European Infrastructure for management of Marine and Ocean Geological and Geophysical Data <Geo-Seas>. → Standardization and Harmonization in seabed habitat mapping, → more EU-FP7

Project funding


This project is funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (contract BR/121/A2/TILES)


Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks (BRAIN-be)

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Federal Public Service Economy, SME’s, Self-Employed and Energy (FPS Economy), Continental Shelf Service