To meet the objectives an interdisciplinary partnership is set up, bringing together geologists (UG-RCMG/TNO/RBINS), physical modellers (RBINS) and IT professionals (UG-DDCM), from governmental organizations and academia. Such a pluriform consortium is regarded essential to develop effective resource decision support systems (DSS) that can cope with data imperfections and uncertainties and that are driven by real-world requirements. Four work packages (WP) are defined that logically work toward the decision support system: (1) Data, Information to Knowledge (UG-RCMG); (2) 3D Geological Models (TNO); (3) 4D Process Models (RBINS); and (4) Scenario Analyses and Predictions (UG-DDCM).

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Workpackage 1

Data, Information to Knowledge

Workpackage 2

3D Geological Models

Workpackage 3

4D Process Models

Workpackage 4

Scenario Analyses and Predictions

Project funding


This project is funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (contract BR/121/A2/TILES)


Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks (BRAIN-be)

Project Partners

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Federal Public Service Economy, SME’s, Self-Employed and Energy (FPS Economy), Continental Shelf Service