OD Nature web development: how we can help

OD Nature's scientific web sites and applications are developed by scientists, for scientists. The backgrounds of the SWAP team allow us

  • to understand the issues at hand,
  • to easily interact with colleagues
  • to take on copy-editing
  • to find bugs or inconsistencies in submitted material or data
  • to make relevant suggestions or adaptations in terms of content, data presentation/management, user interfaces, etc.

We assist and advise you during the entire lifecycle of your project or web site, starting from the very beginning.

  • Are you submitting a project for funding? Contact us and we'll give you an estimate of the time that needs to be budgeted for web site development.
  • Has your project been accepted? We'll make a complete needs assessment together and determine what features your web site or applications must have.
  • We're ready to help you keep your web site current during its lifetime. Our management and development strategy allows us to be reactive and to welcome changes.

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Recent highlights

30 April 2015

The HNS-MS project web site has just been released.

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17 March 2015

A new version of our ODAS application is available.

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06 February 2015

The FLOAT User Interface has been migrated.

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25 January 2015

The renewed RV Belgica web site is available; research cruises and programmes for 2015 are online.

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20 October 2014

The REMSEM team and its project web sites are now on odnature.naturalsciences.be.

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03 October 2014

Learn about COHERENS, our modelling system for shallow waters.

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17 September 2014

The IBISCA (Investigating the Biodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods) project web site is ready.

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9 September 2014

We've migrated a first batch of mumm.ac.be web sites to our OD Nature framework.

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4 September 2014

The TILES web site opens. The TILES project is funded under the BRAIN-be call ‘Sustainable management of mineral and geological resources’ and coordinated by OD Nature.

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1 September 2014

We're busy making our production server available. The first web sites will soon become available.