Custom web development

SWAP offers you many options when you require a web site. We can advise on important aspects such as branding, visual or corporate identity, data and content presentation and ultimately adapt to your needs and specifications. Thanks to our web development framework and templating system, we are able to easily and quickly cater to the most common needs within OD Nature. But for complex web applications or specific project needs, we can also tackle bespoke web development.

OD Nature web sites

This is the most common option: web sites that are inherently about a specific OD Nature project or team. Our configurable templating system allows us to build the foundations of your site and to customise it in a matter of minutes.


National and international projects

When a project is not fully internal to OD Nature, the template options are modified so as to provide balance between project partners, putting less emphasis on the Directorate. A simplified template is available for such cases but custom design options are also at our disposal.

Examples: BELCOLOUR-2, MarCoast, GEOCOLOUR

Conferences and special events

A general template exists for scientific conferences, special events or mini-sites that need to be available on very short notice yet must display some specific design choices (e.g. colour schemes). The template can easily be configured through the use of about 25 stylesheet options.

Examples: WinMon.BE, JONSMOD 2014

Unique visual identities

Sometimes, projects require their own visual identity. SWAP can offer a bespoke web development service, build your identity from scratch, design logos and offer multiple presentation options. We favour clean, no non-sense design and typography that puts your data and results first.

Examples: TILES,, EMoSEM, 1001forBiodiversity

Complex web applications

The ability to model, transform, visualise and exchange data is an inherent part of scientific research. SWAP therefore builds complex, interactive web applications tailored to your project's needs. We can make use of databases, mathematical model results, geo-located data or gather information from various sources, provide administrative interfaces, deal with data exportation, set up systems with individually registered users,… We carefully plan the application with you and keep you in the loop during the entire development process.

Example: our OSERIT web application

OSERIT (currently being migrated to is a 3D oil drift and fate model accessible through a user-friendly web application. Complex, real-life scenario-based simulations can be setup to fit a wide range of emergency situations that might arise at sea. A powerful visualisation tool allows for an in-depth analysis of simulation results.

OSERIT visualisation
An example of OSERIT visualisation for a 3D oil spill simulation.

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Recent highlights

30 April 2015

The HNS-MS project web site has just been released.

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17 March 2015

A new version of our ODAS application is available.

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06 February 2015

The FLOAT User Interface has been migrated.

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25 January 2015

The renewed RV Belgica web site is available; research cruises and programmes for 2015 are online.

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20 October 2014

The REMSEM team and its project web sites are now on

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03 October 2014

Learn about COHERENS, our modelling system for shallow waters.

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17 September 2014

The IBISCA (Investigating the Biodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods) project web site is ready.

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9 September 2014

We've migrated a first batch of web sites to our OD Nature framework.

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4 September 2014

The TILES web site opens. The TILES project is funded under the BRAIN-be call ‘Sustainable management of mineral and geological resources’ and coordinated by OD Nature.

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1 September 2014

We're busy making our production server available. The first web sites will soon become available.