REMSEM projects with their own web sites

HIGHROC project

The HIGHROC (HIGH spatial and temporal Resolution Ocean Colour) project will carry out the research and development necessary for the next generation coastal water products and services from ocean colour space-borne data by giving an order of magnitude improvement in both temporal and spatial resolution.

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MarCoast-2 project

MarCoast-2 (Marine & Coastal Environmental Information Services) is a three year GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and aims to deliver a single portfolio of marine and coastal satellite-based services at a European scale.

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EMoSEM project

The aim of EMoSEM is to develop and combine the state-of-the-art modelling tools describing the river-ocean continuum in the North-East Atlantic continental seas in order to link the eutrophication nuisances in specific marine regions to anthropogenic inputs and trace back their sources up to the watersheds.

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JELLYMOD project

The objective of JellyMod is to gain insight into the dynamics of gelatinous zooplankton (jellyfish and ctenophores) in the Southern North Sea and to understand the causes and locations of gelatinous zooplankton outbreaks, their succession and the fate of invasive species.

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GEOCOLOUR has the general objective of improving the quality and quantity of marine optical products from the existing SEVIRI geostationary sensor and to prepare the design of the next generation of geostationary ocean colour sensors. This project has now ended.

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The objective of the BELCOLOUR-2 project was to further improve the quality of existing optical remote sensing products for marine, coastal and inland waters and to develop innovative products including primary production and partial pressure of CO2 for key applications such as aquaculture and air-sea CO2 fluxes. This project has now ended.

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B-FishConnect project

The objective of B-FishConnect is to disentangle the physical and biological factors influencing dispersal and recruitment in flatfish making use of population dynamics, ecology, combined hydrodynamical-IBM models, genomics, otolith microchemistry and GIS to analyze data. Four commercially important flatfish species of the North Sea are targeted: sole, plaice, turbot and brill.

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The PONDER project

PONDER (SR/00/325/) is an exploration project financed by BELSPO under the STEREO 3 programme. The main goal of the project is to assess the potential for aquatic applications of very high resolution satellite imagery..

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